If you have attended prior polyspeeddating events, please log in first before registering.

This will allow the system to give you fresh new dates, and not ones you have previously speed-dated.

If you have forgotten your ID or your password, you can do a password reset by going to the Password Reset Page and handing over your email address.

Are you a group?

This is the registration form for individuals. Filling it out means you want to go on dates by yourself. If you want to go on dates as a member of a set group (say you are an existing triad that is looking for a fourth of some sort or another) then fill in the other form.

What is speed dating? Speed Dating is just a very quick way to meet people. You'll sit down for a few minutes with several different people, and mark each one "yes" or "no" on a sheet of paper. Then we'll figure out who matched. If you say "yes" to someone, you aren't agreeing to go on a 'real' date or engage in any particular activity with them. But hopefully when matches happen, one of you will find the other and say, "Hey, we matched! Want to continue that conversation?"

Instructions: Fill out this form, and click submit. You will then be directed to Stripe where you will be asked to pay the registration fee.

Name and Contact Info

Nametag name:
E.g. "Janet", "Lightning", "Moe"

Nametag pronoun: (help!)
E.g., "she set" or "zie/zir." This will be printed on your nametag under your name and PSD ID. When no explicit pronouns are given, we ask participants to default to using names or "they".

Non-public Name (First, then Last):
Feel free to use initials or an alias; this is just so we can distinguish between multiple people with the same first name/nickname.

This email address will be given out when you successfully match with someone. It will not be made public or shared for any other reason.

Age Matching

My age is

I am open to people with ages from to

Gender Matching (Help!)

For this event, I want to date any combination of the following:
My dates must be open to dating all of the following:
We do not explicitly ask for anyone's sex or gender and thus cannot guarantee any of your dates' sex or gender. Check as many as you wish. Use this column to limit dates to people who might be interested in you.

Identity Matching

I am (check all that apply):

potentially interested in a primary relationship.

kinky. (About the kinkiness.)

asexual. (About asexuality.)

able to enjoy monogamous relationships. (About the monogamy.)

a person of color interested in being matched with other people of color for this event. (This will not prohibit matches with anyone; it just changes the preferences among potential dates.)

I am open to:





Lower Weight Identity Matching (Help!)

These questions do not have as strong an impact on matching as the prior set of questions.

For this event, I want to date people with as many of the following as possible:
I would prefer my dates be open to dating as many of the following as possible:
Check as many as you wish. Use this column to try to match to people who might be interested in you.

Free-Text Matching

You can fill in any words you want here and we'll try to match you with people who used the same words. You might want to put some words in both, like if you want someone to go to museums with, you'd put museum in both boxes--on the left to look for museum people, and on the right so they find you. Separate words with newlines, commas or semicolons. There are a few extra fancy things you can do; learn about those here and example words here.

A further example: femme, rock-climbing!!!, portuguese-speaker!.

I prefer people who list the following, and the more they list the better:
I am the following:

Allow my dates to see which tags match (check box if yes).


Some folks will be speed-dating as a group. This means you might go on a date with all of them at once!
Unless you talk to us at registration, you will only match groups where you theoretically would be matchable with everyone in the group.

That being said:

I am willing to date groups.

Note: Remember that this is Poly Speed Dating--just because you say no to dating a group does not mean the individuals you do end up dating do not have pre-existing relationships.

Areas of Residence and/or Employment:

As a secondary consideration, we attempt to match you with people from similar geographical areas.

I am from (check all that apply):

Dates with Volunteers and Staff

In order to be as consent-based as possible, when speed-dating volunteers and staff participate in the dating, they will only be matched with those participants who explicitly give consent to be matched with such people.

I consent to being potentially matched with volunteers and staff working the event (assuming they are mutual matches).      (About this consent question.)

Friendship Dates:

Due to the matching process, and depending on who registers, you may have slots in your schedule with no date. During these times you can either socialize in the social area or, if you like, have us attempt to schedule "friendship dates" with people who mutually do not match you. Would you like to have a few of these dates?

General Information


I learned about PSD or I was referred to PSD by:

(Leave blank if you are a returning dater, or if you don't recall.)


If you would like to not have to move from table to table between dates due to mobility concerns, please check the box below. Note that this is not a matching criterion.

I would like to be stationary.

Future Contact

Yes, I want to hear about future Poly Speed Dating (or other related Poly Social) events thrown by you folks.


Anything to add? Anything we should know? Anything we can do to help with accessibility? Are there people that you specifically do not want to be matched with? (Please do not put in too many names here. We will try to catch and break such matches, and you can double-check at the event when you check in.)